We love the souvenirs from the countries we visit, where local crafters and artists proudly display a myriad of tangible memories for sale.


In our local town, how might we get our hands on such unique items?  


Enter Crow’s Curiosities: an ever changing inventory of odds and ends, quirky items, cheeky wares, literary inspired products, deliciously scented soaps and candles, international artful pieces, natural stones and dazzling crystals, colorful creations from local artists and

treasured vintage objects or collectibles.


We source handmade, handcrafted and artist-designed items from

small businesses throughout the USA.  We, also, proudly carry purchasable art from local Port Orchard artists.

Soon, we will add our own shop designed items to our inventory.

We love Downtown Port Orchard, which has just as much charm as its surrounding neighbors (Poulsbo and Port Townsend). We opened this gift shop with the hope that its existence and offerings will contribute to the Downtown Port Orchard experience as a whole. 

We hope our downtown area becomes a thriving destination for a leisure day’s excursion and that our little curiosity shop provides you with a novelty gift or two that you will love!!"

Zina Negron

Mama Crow

" A true believer in artistic expression, I am

easily fascinated by the differences we

all bring to the table. 

Crow's Curiosities is a reflection of my love for literature, science fiction, fantasy, magic, the quirky, the sassy and little luxuries. 

I feel like there is some form of art

in all the items we carry and

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!"

"My devotion to learning and expressing myself through various creative outlets has widened my spectrum of artistic ability. I am a digital artist who contributes to our flock, but at my very core, I'm a writer. What began as a childhood passion to create fantastic stories flourished into an exploration in digital art. I have been using it to visually represent my characters for over a decade. My style primarily incorporates elements of mysticism, and draws inspiration from the intricacies and elegance of high fantasy. I enjoy using this art to help promote the vision of Crow's Curiosities'. I'm glad to be a part of a place that embraces the weird, the quirky, and the unique! 

Eric Watt

Digital Artist Hummingbird

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120 Harrison Ave

Port Orchard, Washington


Crow's Curiosities

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